Our story

In 1990 Asad Zohar, who previously used to work in Nazareth as a mechanical engineer in his modest workshop, decides to change direction and open “Al Arz Tahini” – a small factory that invested all its efforts in creating the best tahini. Years have passed, and Asad’s tahini, who recognized an opportunity and followed his heart, has turned from a boutique and family product into a leading tahini brand in Israel and world-wide, starring in many stores and restaurants in Israel and around the world.

Al Arz tahini is produced from the best Ethiopian sesame variety in the world called ‘Humra’. The seeds are carefully selected and go through a process that combines the ancient tradition (slow and controlled roasting over steam) and technological progress. All of this, together with extremely careful attention to the quality of the product, guarantees that you will be able to enjoy a product no less than perfect. Whether you choose the classic tahini or a full sesame tahini, you are guaranteed with an experience of a rich and special taste and a velvety texture. Julia Zohar managed the factory after her husband’s death until it was sold to the Sugat Group in August 2022.

We are proud of our work and products and are excited to fill the world with love that comes out of respect for man and tradition.